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Tim Ikels

From: The desk of Tim Ikels

Dear friend,

I respect your precious time, so let's get straight to the point:

The game has changed.

The times of 'harvesting' emails with bots...

... And 'blasting' emails to thousands of people who never heard of you are over.

Artifical intelligence and machine learning are not the future anymore.

It's all here already, today!

Believe it or not:

'They' are even reading the images in your emails.

Don't believe me? I prove it to you - in this course.

The big email service providers know exactly what's going on.

And they move anything just remotely suspicious into the SPAM folder or don't even deliver your emails at all!

Long story short:

Email marketing has become much harder recently.

And that's why - in order to succeed - we need a new approach.

We can't fight the big companies... We need to join them!

But how exactly can we do that?


Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit

Get Back Into The Primary Inbox!
This Time We Join The Big Guys...

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I hope that you like the training and use the tools, take massive action and become successful with it.

Furthermore, I hope that you fall in love with Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit and consider becoming an affiliate for it.

Because you don't risk anything here, go check it out & let me know what you think!


I couldn't even charge you if I wanted to, because I don't ask for your credit card or other payment information on the (front-end) checkout page.

The idea is rather to provide massive value upfront, and maybe you consider buying something else later from me.


After the free checkout I present 3 upgrade offers.

However, you absolutely do not have to buy anything in order to make this training work.

At the same time, I really think the upgrades could help you a lot and speed up the whole process significantly.

That's why I strongly recommend to consider the upgrade options if you see a good fit. That's all. :)

No problem.

Just get in touch with me here or get into the free training here.

Your questions are likely answered inside the training.